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kayneLIVE String Lights & The 2014 GRAMMYs

String lights are an event lighting designer’s best friend. They can instantly change the environment in so many different ways.

Did you see the 2014 GRAMMYs?

String Lights at the 2014 GRAMMY Awards - kayneLIVE

Without those swoops of string lights, the Staples Center would have felt vast and empty.

It’s filling the negative space. A design bonus is that it’s also softening up a lighting rig that is very heavily LED fixtures and saturated colors, helping to eliminate some of the hard edges.

kayneLIVE String Lights for Mollie & Andrew's Indoor Montauk Picnic Wedding @ Liberty Warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn

String lights can add softness and elegance to an environment, or add a sleek and modern vibe. We stock over a mile of heavy-gauge meadium-base white string lights. Most of the time, we use 15w A12 110v appliance bulbs because they are durable and give off an extra redish-gold glow when dimmed. We also love to use Edison-style bulbs, with their exposed filaments and interesting blown-glass shapes. Fluorescent CFL swirl bulbs are a popular choice, but always be sure to use all identical bulbs throughout the entire installation to make sure the whites match.

To bring warmth and intimacy to a bar mitzvah.

kayneLIVE String Lights at Ben's Bar Mitzvah @ Museum of Mathematics

kayneLIVE String Lights at Ben's Bar Mitzvah @ Museum of Mathematics

kayneLIVE String Lights at Ben's Bar Mitzvah @ Museum of Mathematics

To add functional light to outdoor events.

kayneLIVE String Lights for Molly & Andrew's Wedding @ Liberty Warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn

kayneLIVE String Lights for the Greek Resurrection Service at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral

kayneLIVE String Lights for Mollie & Andrew's Wedding Dessert Reception @ Liberty Warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn

kayneLIVE String Lights for Mollie & Andrew's Wedding Entranceway @ Liberty Warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn

kayneLIVE String Lights @ The Norwood Club Garden

kayneLIVE String Lights for Joey & Marc's Wedding @ The Mondrian SoHo

As a prop and design element for a music video.

kayneLIVE String Lights in The Box Story video of  Under the Smoke

KayneLIVE String Lights can soften your venue, add a touch of modern sleekness, bring a new level of elegance, and brighten your event. Contact us today to design illuminations, audio, and video for your upcoming event.

-Benji Kayne
kayneLIVE founder and chief experience officer
212-858-9280 x1

kayneLIVE recognized as Tech Game Changer by HuffPo Live and Verizon

kayneLIVE founder Benji Kayne recognized as Tech Game Changer in Interactive Event Lighting by HuffPo Live and Verizon

Revolutionary interactive and reactive environments such as the Nike Flyknit Pavilion in The Bowery NYC and Berlin, the Red Bull Psychedelic Driving Range, and the Nike Free Hyperfeel Experience have earned kayneLIVE founder Benji Kayne and the kayneLIVE team recognition by Huffington Post Live as a Tech Game Changer.

Below is the transcript from the segment.

Mike Sacks: KayneLIVE is a boutique production agency focused on producing interactive events using both standard and customized show technologies. And joining us like to discuss this is Benji Kayne. He’s the creator and president of KayneLIVE and these segments about technology game changers are powered by Verizon. So, Benji first question, basic question: What is KayneLIVE?

Benji Kayne: KayneLIVE, we’re a production agency that specialized in live events using unique lighting, audio, video technologies to amplify these live experience.

Mike Sacks: Now, I have a comment here. Verizon asked its communities if they had any questions for you and one of our own associate producers asks, and her name is Allison Bresnick – Hello, Allison – She asks, “What is interactive lighting exactly?”

Benji Kayne: That’s a great question! So, interactive lighting, so the lighting itself, the units themselves may not be interactive. But the way we use them, and the way we create an experience for the attendees at whatever the event is, is interactive. We’re all familiar with interactivity and touch screens. It’s taking that to a much larger level, and the entire room around, you using lighting and video technologies can come to life based on how you interact with it. It may be touching it. It may be walking through the space. It may be entering it, or your existence, or what color shirt you are wearing.

Mike Sacks: Woah!

Benji Kayne: Or a piece of technology in your shoe that’s activating something with the lighting in the audio or audio video environment.

Mike Sacks: That’s really super cool!

Benji Kayne: Yeah!

Mike Sacks: I have a clip from a Nike event that you worked on. I want to show you the clip and I want you to tell us a bit about what you did here. So let’s look at this and talk us through it as we’re seeing it.

[Video Rolls]

Benji Kayne: This is in Berlin at the Nike Flyknit Pavilion.

What you’re seeing right here is an indoor, 900 meter running track, that was created in an abandoned train station in the middle of Berlin. As guests ran through, all sorts of different experiences happened. The lighting followed them through the entire path. As you’re seeing, they are running through a fog wall as they enter. Basically, every guest walked in, and the place came alive just for them. Everything reacted to them – the lights followed them through the space, the lights drew them through the space. And one of the coolest parts is that when they left, each room was left in a completely different state than when they started. We all know that it kind of resets itself for each guest, but you leave feeling like – Wow, this entire environment just changed for me!- which is one of the really cool things that we get to do with interactive lighting.

Mike Sacks: So, what type of training does it take to really learn everything we just saw there?

Benji Kayne: Well, surprisingly, I have no formal education or training in lighting. It’s something I kind of picked up. My mom always jokes, seriously, that my first word was light.


Benji Kayne: My second word, very shortly thereafter, was hot.


Mike Sacks: Meaning you actually reached out and touched the light bulb?

Benji Kayne: I reached out and touched the light bulb, oh yeah!

Mike Sacks: Hot! Do you have the scars and the burns to prove it?

Benji Kayne: Probably, yeah! Probably still there. And I used to poke holes in coffee cans and put it on my Fisher Price record player, put a flashlight inside, and make my parents sit in the basement and watch it for hours!

Mike Sacks: Amazing!

Benji Kayne: I always enjoyed lighting. I started as a mobile DJ doing Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and one of my favorite things was bringing on more effects like disco balls and lasers and things like that. One day I kind of realized that part of the business was growing so much bigger than just the DJing part, and started focusing towards that and how we can create unique experiences for the guests in the room.

Mike Sacks: I have a comment from one of our HuffPost viewers live, Daniel Z., Daniel Zabs saying, “I’ve been hearing a lot about 3D projection mapping but I’ve never actually seen it in use. Can you explain what it is, how it works, and how it can be used to create an immersive experience?”

Benji Kayne: Sure. 3D projection mapping is a really cool way of using projection, just a standard projector, usually a cinema projector, to map the architectural features of a building or surface, and actually use that building, or the surface itself, as part of your experience. It could be projected on the outside of the building and it will trace around the windows and the columns and you can create really fun, exciting shows. 3D projection started by just projecting while playing music and having some cool visuals go on, but it’s grown from there into really interactive elements. On a campaign in Istanbul, where the projection mapped a grid on a building with windows, and guests could, using their phone, control Pac Man-like character. If they got to the end, they got a text code and they could redeem for an ice cream cone right under the game. All on a giant, central street in Istanbul. There’s other ways. We did an event recently for Red Bull, where we brought in professional golfer Rickie Fowler, who’s a Red Bull sponsored golfer, into a psychedelic driving range. Using 3D projection mapping, in this old abandoned arena in Washington DC, we were able to send him on a hero’s journey where out of the floor and out of the walls dragons and volcanoes …

Mike Sacks: How much time is put into making something like that?

Benji Kayne: To set up an experience like that, we work on it for months. We design it for weeks. We’re on site for four to five days to set up for what could be anything from a 2 minute to a two hour experience.

Mike Sacks: Wow. Now, your last name is Kayne, K-A-Y-N-E, KayneLIVE. Have you ever put a call into or maybe a promoter call you, and you show up with the equipment, “You’re not Kanye! You’re not Kanye! ”

Benji Kayne: We haven’t quite gotten that far! But all the time, especially when I rent some of the larger equipment from the big production shops, we’ll get it and it will say Kanye West Live on it, and I know that the guys in the warehouse are sitting and packing it thinking it’s Kanye. But someday, Kanye is going to Google himself and find us!

Mike Sacks: Well you are KayneLIVE, not Kanye West Live, and we are HuffPost Live, thanks for watching!

Give us a call at 212-858-9280 or to start activating your next Game Changing experience!

Sustainable events, sustainable holidays.

kayneLIVE Sustainable Holiday, Sustainable Events, Sustainable Home Blog - Zero Waste Station for Event Recycling, Compost, and Landfill. As a sustainable leader in the event production industry, we’ve learned a lot of ways to recycle things that we never thought could be recycled.

Have you ever tried to compost or donate 60,000 sq ft of sod grass that was used to cover an entire warehouse floor for a picnic wedding? We arranged to have it donated to a New York Public School facility and repaired a dead Little League baseball field.

Imagine the crazy ways we devised to finish our tour with a giant vintage carousel converted to run on solar power? Don’t worry, it’s not at the bottom of the Hudson, it’s been donated to a children’s charity.

The holidays can be an especially wasteful season. At events, as well as at home. Here’s some bonus recycling tips for both:

Donate your flower arrangements to a local church or synagogue.
You’ll make a lot of people very happy and their holidays extra beautiful. Make sure to call in advance, let them know how many you would like to donate to them, and their colors and sizes. Ask if you can email a photo in advance of a sample so they know what to expect. Make it very easy for them to accept. But if that doesn’t work…

All that floral can be composted along with your food scraps.
Just separate the flowers and organic material from the vases and Oasis foam. That Oasis foam has some pretty nasty non-recyclable ingredients, so consider asking your florist to use none, or as little of it as possible. Donate or reuse the vases. Throw the flowers into a strong plastic and drop them off at a compost site. If you’re here in the NYC area, give the Lower East Side Ecology Center a call ot make arrangements.

What else can you recycle from your events?
A lot! Check out NYC Recycles – ReUse It for a list of how to reuse or recycle almost anything.

Separate the packaging of your blister-pack gifts before recycling.
Take the extra seconds to separate the plastic molded shell and the paper backing and put each in the correct recycle bin. Did you know that you can now recycle all rigid plastics in NYC?

Replace your home light bulbs with LEDs.
The technology is finally here for the household LED bulb with a gorgeous white, thanks to CREE. You can get the Warm White (2700k) for the bedroom and living areas, and the Daylight (500k) version for the laundry room and garage. They are only at Home Depot for now, and will significantly reduce your electric bill, paying for themselves quickly over their 25 year lifespan. I just installed these around my parent’s house in Ohio, and they’ve never been happier with the lighting. I also swapped their outdoor lightpost candelabras with the Philips LED. They are a huge improvement over the old style of LEDs – almost too bright.

Always remember, it’s best first to reduce, (use less) then try to reuse, (use it again) then finally you recycle.

Give us a call to start planning your most sustainable holiday event ever!

Nike Hyperfeel Experience

kayneLIVE Nike Hyperfeel Experience Wet Rocks Homepage Comp
Reactive lighting, immersive audio, and unique custom projections for the Nike Hyperfeel Experience in Gansevoort Plaza.

kayneLIVE Nike Hyperfeel Experience - Shoe Geneology Art Science

This immersive environment invited guests to experience the sensorial aspects of barefoot running like never before. In the largest temporary urban structure ever built in NYC, kayneLIVE worked with unique motion sensing technology to create an environment that continually reacted to guests, leaving each of the three zones completely changed upon their exit.

kayneLIVE Nike Hyperfeel Experience - Overhead Comp

As Nike’s VIPs entered, they were fit with neuro sensors and invited to walk through three zones – a wet rock forest, a etherial sand beach, and urban grass.

kayneLIVE Nike Hyperfeel Experience - Wet Rocks Flyknit

kayneLIVE Nike Hyperfeel Experience - Sand Clouds Comp

kayneLIVE Nike Hyperfeel Experience - Enter Grass

kayneLIVE Gives Back to LGBT Youth of the Ali Forney Center

kayneLIVE Gives Back to Ali Forney


kayneLIVE Gives Back to LGBT Youth of the Ali Forney Center

After spring product launches and summer travels, many Manhattanites find themselves with luxurious gift bags and hotel toiletries that sit unused in their apartments.

When Benji Kayne, founder of kayneLIVE, an NYC based event production agency, found himself in that situation early this summer, he decided to make good with his influx of gift-bag-swag.

“In the events business, whether we’re producing a fashion show or a product launch, there are usually really nice gift bags with wonderful products I never end up using. When I heard The Ali Forney Center was is need of toiletries and cosmetics for homeless LGBT youth, it really was a no-brainer”.

During the months of May and June, kayneLIVE collected donations for The Ali Forney Center, a non profit that specializes in providing housing, education and health services for homeless LGBT teens.

kayneLIVE enlisted the help of fellow businesses in the Manhattan WeWork community to expand their impact. While kayneLIVE aggregated hair dryers, beauty products, shampoos, toiletries, and make-up at WeWork Meatpacking, BSwibelProductions, a theatre production company, brought together donations at WeWork’s Soho office.

Karly Venuto, WeWork’s Director of Communications and Events, was overjoyed with the community’s response.

“It’s really exciting to be among a community of entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to spend their extra time supporting a cause like Ali Forney’s — I’m hoping kayneLIVE’s efforts inspire more advocacy among WeWork members”.

Bill Torres, Ali Forney Center Director of Community Resources, accepted donations on behalf of the Center on Friday, July 26th.

“We’re delighted to have kayneLIVE and the WeWork Manhattan offices provide these items for our patrons, having a nice shampoo or fresh nail polish can really make a difference in the confidence of one of our patrons getting ready for her first job interview.”

About kayneLIVE
kayneLIVE creates impeccably-produced, flawlessly-executed private events and on-brand corporate experiences, with a technical and experiential edge.

About The Ali Forney Center
The Ali Forney Center (AFC) was started in June of 2002 in response to the lack of safe shelter for LGBTQ youth in New York City. We are committed to providing these young people with safe, dignified, nurturing environments where their needs can be met, and where they can begin to put their lives back together. AFC is dedicated to promoting awareness of the plight of homeless LGBTQ youth in the United States with the goal of generating responses on local and national levels from government funders, foundations, and the LGBTQ community.

About WeWork
WeWork empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to succeed by providing a collaborative community and services that allow them to focus their energy on growing their business.

kayneLIVE and BSwibelPresents donate to Ali Forney Center for LGBT Homeless Youth

kayneLIVE and BSwibelPresents donate to Ali Forney Center for LGBT Homeless Youth

Media Contact:
Chris Cox
+1 (212) 858-9280 x2

Red Bull Psychedelic Driving Range

kayneLIVE Red Bull Psychedelic Driving Range with Rickie Fowler
Sea Monsters, Creepy Pyramids, and Mouthy Moons, oh my!

kayneLIVE produced lights, sounds, and projection for golf superstar Rickie Fowler and Red Bull at Uline Arena, Washington DC.

When celebrity golfer Rickie Fowler was escorted to Washington DC’s former Uline Arena, he had no idea what to expect.

What he found was a trippy, psychedelic indoor golf range where he practiced his form hitting a variety of targets including a demonic sea turtle, a spooky pyramid, and a patronizing talking Moon.

Red Bull Psychedelic Driving Range - Rickie Fowler Arrives

kayneLIVE used a combination of projection media, lighting design, and concert quality sound to bring the dreamy scenario to life.


kayneLIVE Red Bull Psychedelic Driving Range Hit Dragon

Collaborating with experiential marketing industry heavyweights New Creatures, Lumenal Code, and Adam Aleksander Presents, proved the artistic depth of kayneLIVE’s creative agency at executing such an inspiring vision.

From Concept to Creation:

kayneLIVE RedBull Psychedlic Driving Range Orange Wide

A Hero’s Journey:

kayneLIVE Red Bull Rickie Fowler Projection Mapping AJ

Red Bull Psychedelic Driving Range Team:
kayneLIVE Red Bull Psychedelic Driving Range CrewkayneLIVE Red Bull Psychedelic Driving Range Rickie Fowler Crew
Red Bull Psychedlic Driving Range Prelim Layout
Red Bull Lighting Designer Ben Carlson

Benji Kayne
kayneLIVE, founder and chief experience officer

AJ White & Jason Naumoff
New Creatures

Animation & Artwork
Dan Cohen & Gabe Shaughnessy
Lumenal Design

Production Direction
Adam Aleksander & Jenny Weinbloom
Adam Aleksander Presents

Projection Design
Greg Leeper & Grant Davis

kayneLIVE Production Coordinator
Chris Cox

kayneLIVE Production Manager
Amanda Younger

Lighting Director
Ben Carlson

Master Electrician
Rob Hendry

Audio Engineer
Reece Arthur

Logistics Engineer
Patrick Schaffer

Lighting Programmer
Dawn Borsella

Dave Parrot
Melissa Hamlin
John Olsen
Claudia Blackstone
Jacob Farris
Kate Cohen
David Confer
Lamar Redd

kayneLIVE PA
Brianna Hurley
Kevin Pina
Braden Witt
Danny Baldwin
Zach Drescher

Power Projections – Magic Night with FOX & Modern Family

kayneLIVE Outdoor Projections for Modern Family and FOX

Media Projection for the Modern Family Cast & Fox Executives at Gary’s Loft, NYC

Projections by kayneLIVE illuminated the night sky, and the windows of Gary’s Loft, for an event celebrating Fox’s acquisition of the syndication rights to the hit show ‘Modern Family’. While guests sipped cocktails by Creative Edge Parties with the cast, Fox Executives admired their handy-work as .gifs of Fox syndicated programming reflected on adjacent buildings

Julie Bowen at FOX Modern Family party with kayneLIVE Projections

kayneLIVE Outdoor Projections for FOX and Modern Family

‘Modern Family’ Star Julie Bowen stepped away from entertaining guests to take a photo of the kayneLIVE media projection, “My kids will be so excited to see this!” she gasped.




The entirety of Gary’s Loft in midtown Manhattan was transformed into a branded ‘Modern Family’ evening – complete with “family” photos, and even ‘Modern Family’-themed rubber duckies!

kayneLIVE's Chris Cox and Sofia Vergara at the Modern Family FOX party

The event couldn’t have been pulled off without the tech-savvy and moxy of kayneLIVE Chief Experience Officer Benji Kayne, who dutifully executed the visually-arresting projection media.

kayneLIVE founder Benji as a projection rockstar

kayneLIVE Modern Family Projections from the street on a snowy night

Even New York city-goers and tourists, completely unaware of the festivities in the Loft, were included in the celebration, as the media projection caught excited stares from the street.

Check out the kayneLIVE Facebook page for more pictures from the evening!

Ideas Illuminated – Nike Flyknit Experience

kayneLIVE Nike Flyknit Experience Berlin Lighting

Immersive Lighting for Nike Flyknit Experience Berlin

Illuminated by kayneLIVE and fueled by Nike+ runner data, the myThread Pavilion captured the attention of athletes, international sports press, and Berlin runners alike. Designed by architect & artist Jenny Sabin with Martin Miller, the solar-active, reflective, and photoluminescent piece examined the intersection of sports, architecture, and human biology.

Nike Flyknit Experience Berlin - kayneLIVE Lighting

Nike Flyknit Experience Berlin - kayneLIVE Lighting


Pavilion-goers marveled at both the scale and the data-sensitivity of this beautifully lit installation.

Nike Flyknit Experience Berlin - kayneLIVE Lighting

Nike Flyknit Experience Berlin - kayneLIVE Lighting


Runners lined up to experience the future of running behind a projection-mapped wall of fog.



Runners weaved their way through a glamorous Disco Ball Maze



kayneLIVE-NikeFlyknitExperienceBerlin-BenShafferNike Flyknit Experience Photobox Berlin













Ben Shaffer, Studio Director at Nike’s Innovation Kitchen admires his hard work, while runners capture the experience in the Nike Flyknit Photobox.

Merck Video Gallery Lighting @ SoHo Gallery for Digital Art


Merck, in collaboration with Mondo Guerra, fashion designer and winner of Project Runway All Stars, hosted guests for the launch of Project I Design at the SoHo Gallery for Digital Art in July, 2012.

To brighten up the space, kayneLIVE created a pallet of soft white lights to complement the framed video monitors on the wall showing Mondo’s introduction to Project I Design as well as the Step and Repeat.

Client: Blue Engine and Stefan Dainard
Brand: Merck Project I Design 

Ubisoft Interactive Kinect Experience @ Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

kayneLIVE at Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival Hip Hop Dance Experience

Interactive Kinect Experience to promote the new Ubisoft game Hip Hop Dance Experience for Wii and Kinect at the 2012 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

- large-format LED screens
- immersive audio wall
- sound-responsive Tri-LED lighting system
- black 20×20 tent erection
- graffiti walls, breakdance floors and crystal chandelier by Swank

Client: Swank Productions
Brand: Ubisoft with Cohen Wolfe